Pre-conference workshops


Pre-conference workshop 1:

Gambling Addiction in Women: Understand the Causes & the Consequences. Create a Successful Treatment Plan.

Part 1:

  • Understand the particular causes and consequences of gambling addiction in women

  • Learn which gambling products appeal to women - and why

  • Hear why online gambling crossed the gender divide - including why many young men now share the psychology of women addicted to gambling


Part 2:

  • Take away an outline for working through the first four weeks of withdrawal

  • Hear what truly works for a lifelong, rewarding recovery


Pre-conference workshop 2:

Gamification and gamblification. What are the risks?

To regulate or not to regulate.

The distinction between skill-based gaming and straight-up gambling is not always 100% clear, even though In many cases the line between skill-based gaming and gambling is easy to draw.

Unfortunately, these days it isn’t so easy anymore. Lines between gaming and gambling are getting ever more blurred. “Gamification” and “gamblification” are hot topics; and gambling regulators are being increasingly pressured to get involved.


Gamification: the introduction of skill-based elements in what are traditionally games of chance (generally played on slot machines). The demand to add elements of skill to traditional slot machines has been growing.


Coming from the other end of the spectrum, it is also possible to add gambling-related elements to traditional video games. Social games are one example of this.

Loot boxes are another example of gamblification.

What now?

So the question is how regulators should deal with these issues. Will we have present and future discussions and let regulators decide regarding the content and tell us: this is a game of skill and this is a game of chance? It will be impossible to make strict rules and decisions.


Moderator: Philippe Vlaemminck

Panellists: TBD (will be announced soon)